What Is Your Favorite Guitar Riff From Led Zeppelin?

Blues Music – Who Couldn’t Love It?

Blues music is the best, the older the better. If I could have 1 wish, it would be to have a copy of every blues song ever recorded by anyone.

Modern Blues Licks – #1 Robben Ford Chevrolet – Guitar Lesson – Corey Congilio

How to Start Out With Blues Guitar?

Ok, so I’ve been playing guitar for the last couple years on and off and the past couple months I’ve been playing nonstop, stuff like zeppelin and acdc and I know all the main chords. But now I’m kinda wanting to get into blues, like Albert king, Ry cooder, Stevie ray and joe bonamassa because I’ve always been into it but just wanted to learn little riffs and stuff I know first. So my question is, what are some things I should learn to be starting out with the blues. You know like turnarounds, 12 bar blues and chords and all that. Thanks

Blue Man Group, When You Go?

I am going to see the Blue Man Group today. I am quite near to the front, I heard that you get wet or paint gets splattered all over the place.

Is this true?


Guitar Riff in ‘Shooter’ By Lil Wayne?

What is the blues guitar riff in the background in the song ‘Shooter’ by Lil Wayne? Its not very long but it is repeated two or three times throughout the song..

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