Good Guitar Riffs?

I am learning how to play guitar. I can some stuff but not much. Any good blues riffs out there you can suggest? I love the blues and how it sounds. My favorite guy is John Lee Hooker.

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4 Responses to “Good Guitar Riffs?”

  1. rhythmdriver says:

    I love John Lee’s licks. The good part about his licks is they are more basic than some so possibly easier to learn then go to some more advanced licks. B. B. King, Freddie King, Earl Hooker, Albert Collins. or even Jimmy Hendrix as far as that goes all developed riffs.
    Your talking swamp with John Lee Hooker going all the way to Buddy Guy so start out basic so you don’t get frustrated. I’m sure there are some good DVD type training tapes that could help also.

    Even great rhythm guitarists like Luther Tucker, Hubert Sumlin, or Eddie Taylor have rhythm riffs worth noting.

  2. Stratobratster says:

    As far as John Lee Hooker I highly recommend the Hooker And Heat album he did with Canned Heat probably in the 70s. Some standard blues licks to learn are the Sweet Home Chicago and Dust My Broom licks. They are “standards”.

  3. conchobor2 says:

    Traveling through the south, you can still find bargin price CDs of John Lee Hooker at highway gas stations – studio outtakes, random old tracks etc. When you see them, pick them up, they are GOLD.

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